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Your Natural Supplements is dedicated to bringing you valuable information about natural supplements that contain only 100% Whole Food Sources!

Are you only interested in supplements that are made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients? Supplements that Do Not contain artificial ingredients, synthetics, rocks or mineral salts? Well, this is the website for you! This information is exclusively about supplements made only from 100% Whole Food Sources.

When we consume supplements, for the most part we do so to address either nutritional deficiences, as preventative measures, or to address health issues.

By ingesting a supplement, we are eating it. It makes the most sense to me, as a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, that we should only be eating food! Therefore, it is of upmost importance that the supplements we take be only made from 100% Whole Food sources! Our bodies know the difference.

Most of the supplements that are available for purchase are NOT made from food sources at all. They are made from ground rocks and mineral salts, are synthetically derived in a laboratory, or made from petroleum by-products. Companies do this because it is a lot more cost effective to produce a vitamin out of cheap ingredients than one made from 100% Whole Food sources.

Many companies now realize that you want a product that does contain real food, so they may add a tiny bit of a plant to their ingredients and advertise the supplement as having whole foods. There is a BIG difference between two supplements, one having a little bit of plant material and the other made exclusively from 100% Whole Food ingredients. The ingredient label is the way to determine the quality of the product.

Our bodies respond in a positive way when we nourish with Whole Food nutrition, supplying what is necessary for life, health, and growth.

Your Natural Supplements will provide information on various catagories of supplements for many different health issues, including cardiovascular health, diabetes, weight loss, menopausal issues, vitality, children's health, thyroid, 100% Whole Food Vitamins, pet supplements, and many, many more!

Natural Vitamin Supplements
Natural Vitamin Supplements from 100% Whole Foods give your body what it needs to support your health. Most vitamins available are made from synthetic ingredients and ground rock or mineral salts.
Heart Health Natural Vitamins
Excellent Heart Health Natural Vitamins have 100% Whole Food Ingredients that contain the necessary factors for optimal heart contraction and function.
Natural Health Supplements
Choose 100% Whole Food Supplements made exclusively from real Food for your Natural Health Supplements!
Natural ADHD Supplement
A Natural ADHD Supplement Must be made from
Natural Calcium Supplements
The Best Natural Calcium Supplements are made exclusively from 100% Wole Food Ingredients to ensure absorption and effectiveness.
Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplements
Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplements
Natural Remedies For Diabetes
Natural Remedies For Diabetes
Arthritis Supplements
Arthritis Supplements made exclusively from 100% Whole Food Sources that address the different aspects of arthritis will support recovery.
Digestive Enzymes Supplement
A Digestive Enzymes Supplement will help resolve indigestion AND increase the amount of nutrients your body GETS from your Food.
Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA
Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA provides omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids from a source that can be trusted to test for Heavy Metals & Lipid Peroxidation!
Probiotic Supplements
Probiotic Supplements, an essentail part of your health, yet one that will not be addressed unless you actively provide Your Body with the Good Bacteria.
Calcium And Magnesium Supplements
Calcium and Magnesium Supplements made from 100% Whole Food Ingredietns support your bones and calcium levels optimally, coming from food sources.
How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally
How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally with 100% Whole Food Supplements to support Your Body's Health.
Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
Lower Blood Pressure Naturally by providing yor body 100% Whole Food Supplements to support healthy vascular system and reduce oxidation.
Best Calcium Supplement
The Best Calcium Supplement is made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients to optimize our bodies absorption, by Dr. Kimberly Wiseman, Board Certified ND.
Vitamin C Supplements
Vitamin C Supplements
Thyroid Supplements
Thyroid Supplements made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients provide our bodies with nutrients to support effective thyroid function.
Natural Nutritional Supplements
Natural Nutritional Supplements are Necessary to address deficiencies, however they are Best if made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients.
Vitamin D Supplements
Vitamin D Supplements, specifically D3, made from 100% Whole Food Sources provide amino acids and sterols use ncrease benefits.
Whole Food Vitamin Supplements
Whole Food Vitamin Supplements made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients give us Optimal Nutrition To Maintain Health!
All Natural Vitamins
All Natural Vitamins made from Exclusively 100% Whole Food Ingredients provide us with the nutrients necessary for us to Thrive!
Natural Testosterone Supplements
Natural Testosterone Supplements made from plants that support male hormonal imbalances restore vitality without causing harm.
Vitamin B Supplements
Vitamin B Supplements made exclusively from 100% Whole Foods provides our bodies with useable forms of nutrition that cause no harm.
Anti Aging Supplement
An Anti Aging Supplement made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients will support your body's ability to fight the process behind aging, free readical damage!
Benefits Of Digestive Enzymes
The Benefits Of Digestive Enzymes including increasing the absorption of nutrients for improved health and reduction of chronic degenerative disease and Decreased Acid Reflux.
5-Hydroxytryptophan, which crosses the blood brain barrier easily converts to serotonin to improve too many aspects of mental health to mention here, please read more!
Dr Kimberly Wiseman
Hello, My name is Dr Kimberly Wiseman. I'm a Board Certifed Naturopathic Physician.
Best Digestive Enzyme
The Best Digestive Enzyme is one that will specifically focus on what digestive support you need as an individual, discussed by Dr. Kimberly Wiseman, licensed naturopathic physician.
Vitamin Supplements Online
Buy Exclusively 100% Whole Food Vitamin Supplements Online Right Here! Innate Response, Thorne, Right Foods, Nordic Naturals and More!
Nordic Naturals Omega 3
Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Free Shipping! Quality tested for Heavy Metals and Lipid Peroxidation.
Innate Response
Innate Response makes 100% Whole Food Supplements to Support Your Good Health!
Thorne Vitamins
Thorne Vitamins created by Thorne Research Company are trusted supplements used by physicians who understand nutritional medicine, by Dr. Kimberly Wiseman, baord certified naturoapthi physician.
Douglas Labs Products
Douglas Labs Products, Find the Lowest Price and Free Shipping on All of Douglas Labs 100% Whole Food Products!!
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