Benefits Of Chromium

The Benefits of Chromium were not appreciated by science or even nutrition for the most part, until the 1950's. It was then that chromium was recognized as being important for blood sugar regulation and aiding in insulin control.

Low chromium levels result from poor diets high in white flour products and refined sugar. Refined food in general does not have the nutritional value of whole foods, however it often has more calories, more fat, and less fiber. All these factors set us up for unfortunate situations with our body weight.

With a Standard Diet of processed food, we get too many calories, however we are deficient in critical nutritents. The result of this is increased cravings for foods and eventual weight gain.

Chromium has been shown in studies to help diabetics decrease their fasting glucose levels (blood sugar), improve their tolerance for glucose, lower their insulin levels, decrease the bad cholesterols while increasing the good/beneficial cholesterol, and lower triglycerides.

Anyone with blood sugar issues should consider supplementing with a whole food source of chromium. This website brings you information only about supplements made exclusively from whole food sources. When we take a supplement made from real, whole food, we know we are giving our bodies a form of the nutrient that will be recognized and able to be utilized.

One of the most encouraging benefits of chromium supplementation is not only a loss specifically in body fat, but also an increase in muscle mass. This is importat because maintaining muscle mass index is vital for health. The more muscle mass we have compared to fat, the higher our metabolism.

Additionally, when we compare a pound of muscle to a pound of fat, the muscle is much more dense, thus it takes up much less space than fat. Imagine a pound of cotton compared to a pound of sand. The container that contains the cotton is going to be much larger than the one containg the sand. The same is true for our bodies comparing fat to muscle!

The amount of chromium used in studies is 200 - 400 mcg a day.

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