Benefits Of Digestive Enzymes

The Benefits Of Digestive Enzymes, in individuals who need them, is tremendous! Unfortunately, most people fall into this catagory, especially those who have digestion issues.

The benefits include increasing the absorption of nutrients. You see our digestive system, starting at our mouths, is designed to break down foods so we have greater access to their nutrition.

Our stomach secretes digestive enzymes that lower the pH, making the environment more acidic. This breaks down the chemical bonds that hold large protein molecules together.

Smaller and smaller nutrients are needed so the molecule is capable of passing through the lining in our digestive tract.

The enzymes also change the foods making their properties different, aiding in the absorption.

Other digestive organs sectrete enzymes to break down fats and carbohydrates.

All of these macromolucules are eaten to support our body's need for nutrients which are used to build new, healthy tissue. We must be able to actually transport these nutrients from our GI tract to our bloodstream for them to be beneficial.

Many of us are challenged with our digestive process. When we do not secrete enough digestive enzymes it stands to reason that the process does not work optimally.

Indicators that this may be going on with you include after eating the sensation that the food just sits in you stomach, or perhaps you suffer from regurgitation or acid reflux, excessive burping, or pain in the stomach. All the above indicate a problem with digestion.

Counter to popular belief, the way to address these issues is to restore normal function by adding digestive enzymes!

Our digestive process is halted when we do not have adequate secretion of digestive enzymes and sets up the situation where all of the above mentioned problems arise.

With pain in the stomach, it is important to note that perhaps the delicate tissue needs to heal before proper digestion can be restored. If you take a digestive enzyme and it causes burning or pain, you must stop taking it, and heal the tissue first, then restore function with enzymes.

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