Benefits Of Ginkgo Biloba

The Benefits Of Ginkgo Biloba include promoting longevity. It is interesting to note that the Ginkgo biloba tree is the world's oldest living tree species, tracing back more than 200 million years ago!

This tree is most resistant to insects, disease, and pollution of all trees and often lives to be 100 years old.

When we consider the effect of Ginkgo in our bodies, it makes sense that this is such a hearty tree that can withstand many different offenses.

Ginkgo helps to increase the blood supply to our brains, thus increasing oxygen, nutrients, and removing waste. It also functions as an antioxidant, increases oxygen and glucose consumption by the brain, and scavenges free radicals. Free radicals create oxidative damage.

Our cell membranes are able to conduct nerve impulses based on a charge difference created by "pumps" moving sodium outside of our cells and potassium inside. Ginkgo increases the activty of these pumps, having the effect of greater potential for nerve conduction!

Ginkgo has an amazing ability to increase the cerebral circulation to areas that have reduced blood supply, yet tone other areas of the brain to aid in detoxification.

Ginkgo reduces the tendancy for platelet aggregation. This results in the blood being less "sticky". The benefit of this is the reduced likelihood of stroke.

In industralized countries, many of the elderly often suffer with hardening of the arteries. This decreases the blood flow to the brain. Ginkgo has been shown to decrease the symptoms associated with this reduced blood flow.

These beneficial effects have been shown in healthy young people as well. Neurological function improves in healthy individuals who have taken Ginkgo.

Ginkgo products should showon their label that they are standardized to contain 24% Ginkgo glycosides, the important component of the plant that has beneficial effects.

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