Best Calcium Supplement

The Best Calcium Supplement is made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients to optimize our body's absorption and utilization of the nutrients.

When we take a supplement, we are doing so to make up for a deficiency in our diets. The nutrients we get from our food in our modern day diet simply does not provide sufficient amounts for us to thrive. Therefore we need to supplement.

Following this thought for a bit, if we are not able to provide for our nutritional needs with foods, why do we try to make up for deficiencies with supplements that are made from anything other than food? Most of the supplements people take, that they buy are made from synthetic ingredient, ground rocks or mineral salts (dirt), or petroleum by-products.

In the case of calcium, almost assuredly the supplement that is available for your purchase is made from ground rocks and or mineral salts. While your body will be able to use some of the calcium in this form, it is a small percentage compared to the amount of calcium that is used by the body which actually comes from the best calcium supplement which are 100% Whole Food Source!

It just makes sense that when we must supplement to address nutritional needs, we should supplement with 100% Whole Food Supplements.

The advantages of using a whole food supplement include the comfort of knowing that the form of the nutrient is one that our body can recognize and utilize.

Calcium from plants that have high amounts of calcium within them present that calcium to our bodies in the natural form making the best calcium supplement. We don't have this certainity with calcium in other forms, like from coral or ground rocks. Our bodies are meant to digest food, not dirt.

In addition, we can take comfort in knowing that the actual supplement will not be a detoxification burden. If we ingest a supplement that contains ingredients that are not useable by our body, then our liver has to detoxify that substance. This presents additional burdens on our liver that our toxic planet does not easily allow.

Another consideration is the absorption of calcium from 100% Whole Food Ingredietns is much higher than from calcium supplements made from dirt, so the amount of calcium needed to adequately support our tissue health is much less.

With all of this in mind, please learn more about 100% Whole Food Sources of calcium by Clicking Here For The Best Calcium Supplement. or here for more information on Calcium And Magnesium Supplements, or here for information about Calcium Supplement And Osteoporosis.

Absorption Of Minerals

Our body must chelate minerals like calcium in order for us to change them chemically so they can be absorbed into our blood stream. Our digestive enzymes are responsible for this chemical change.

If we are not secreting adequate amounts of digestive enzymes, we are greatly reducing the amount of calcium and other critical minerals that are able to be absorbed by our body.

Indicators that perhaps you are not secreting adequate digestive enzymes include acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, excessive burping or flatulance, the feeling that your food just sits in your stomach leaving you uncomfortable, and undigested food in your stools.

If you have any signs of mineral deficiency like thin hair, weak nails, lines in your nails, osteoporosis or osteopenia, or other disease states related to mineral deficiency, perhaps it would be of benefit to consider not only taking 100% Whole Food Sources for your minerals, but also a 100% Whole Food Multi-Vitamin and consider if you need Digestive Enzymes.

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