The Best Digestive Enzyme

The Best Digestive Enzyme for you as an individual depends completely on what areas of your digestion are compromised.

Digestive support is one of the most common health issues I help my patients with on a regular basis. A majority of the folks I see in my practice suffer from insufficient digestion in part due to inadequate digestive enzyme secretion.

Unfortunately allopathic medicine, which focuses almost exclusively on pharmaceutical interventions, actually worsens the problem with acid blocking therapies. You see, some of the digestive enzymes we secrete are acidic, that is how they are able to chemically break down the bonds in the food we eat into smaller and smaller particles. This is extremely necessary for our bodies to be able to absorb the nutrients that our food contains.

Additionally, the enzymes in our digestive tract chemically alter such things as minerals so they can be absorbed into our bloodstream and later used to build healthy tissue.

When we use drugs that reduce our secretion of enzymes, like Prilosec or Tums, we reduce our bodies ability to get the nutrients from the foods we eat! This, in my opinion as a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, puts us at a significantly higher risk for chronic degenerative disease.

The raw materials our bodies use to make new, healthy tissue comes from the foods we eat. Our foods are poor in nutrients to begin with. Couple this with improper digestion from lack of enzyme secretion which results in use of acid blockers/reducers and we really have potential for disaster!

It is fundamental to eat a diet rich in nutrients. It is also of paramount importance to maintain/restore proper digestive function. When necessary, we are able to do this with digestive enzyme supplements.

The Best Digestive Enzyme for you depends on which category of foods are difficult to digest. If it is meats, then your focus should be enzymes that support the lower pH function. If it is fats, then enzymes that support higher pH are needed.

To learn more, please read the company information provided by the brands I choose.

In my practice, I recommend this as the Best Digestive Enzymes if you have difficulty digesting proteins.

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