Best Fish Oil Supplements

The Best Fish Oil Supplements have been through rigorous tests for heavy metals and lipid peroxidation.

Heavy metals are of serious concern because the fish from which we get the oil feeds on smaller sea animals that live on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Chemicals from our industrial surroundings eventually collect on the bottom of the ocean, where the smaller life forms are.

This increases the likelihood that the larger fish used for omega-3 essential fatty acids will have high amounts of heavy metals from industrial run-off.

Heavy metals are toxic and should be avoided. They are neurotoxins and can create many challenging health issues.

Omega-3 essential fatty acid from fish sources are the best, especially for individuals that are not vegetarian or vegan, because the oil is in a form closer to how the body can utilize it than omega-3's from plant sources.

However heavy metals must be monitored. The expense of monitoring is not one many companies undergo. The companies that do usually will let the consumer know on the label. Selecting a company that does monitor is a must.

Another issue that determines which is the best fish oil supplements has to do with the delicate fats the oil contains.

The omega-3 essential fatty acids are quite delicate and go rancid very easily.

This is apparent when we notice that fishy taste or odor.

Unfortunately, these delicate fats are not as beneficial to our health when they are rancid, not to mention their undesirable taste.

A high quality fish oil has no fishy taste or odor.

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