Digestive Enzymes Supplement

Digestive Enzymes Supplements will help with many aspects of overall health. They improve acid refulx or indigestion and they increase the amount of nutrients absorbed into our bodies.

When we suffer from acid reflux or indigestion, part of the problem is that we are unable to fully digest the food that is in our stomach.

To digest this food, our stomach will secret digestive enzymes. These enzymes chemically breakdown the food into smaller molecules which pass to the next organ of digestion.

When we eat too much food or our body is not secreting enough digestive enzymes, the food does not move through our digestive tracts as it should.

Acid reflux is what we experience when that food is actually pushed back up into the area above our stomach, into the esophagus. We use the term regurgitation to describe this.

Adequate digestive enzyme secretion will do two things to improve this situation, it will cause contraction of the "sphincter" muscles that close the opening of the stomach. Secondly, the digestive enzymes will cause the food to move out of the stomach at the proper rate, emptying out of that space. That excessive feeling of fullness after we eat may actually be a sign of insufficient digestive enzyme secretion.

Unfortunately, many of us do not secret adequate amounts of digestive enzymes.

If we eat when we are busy doing other things, our body may not be relaxed and digestive enzyme secretion may be inhibited.

Additionally, minerals our body absorbs are used to make the digestive enzymes. These minerals require chelation to be absorbed. This occurs when the pH of our stomach gets between 2 to 4 as a result of digestive enzyme secretion. This presents a bit of a vicious cycle, we need adequate secretion of digestive enzymes in order to absorb minerals our body uses to make digestive enzymes, yet if we do not secrete sufficient digestive enzymes, our stomach pH does not get low enough to chelate the minerals and they are not absorbed optimally.

A simple answer is to supplement with a high quality digestive enzymes supplement. It will increase your body's ability to absorb nutrients which is foundational for your overall health.

Our bodies use the nutrients we absorb to make the tissues of our cardiovascualr, respiratory, immune, and nervous systems. Actually, every cell in our body!

If we are not absorbing properly, we lack nutrients needed for health. Many chronic degenerative diseases are a result of nutritional deficiences which exist in part because our body is unable to absorb nutrients fully.

Chronic degenerative disease also exist because we do not have available the recommended nutrients in our diets.

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