Fish Oil For Heart Health

Fish Oil For Heart Health. Fish Oil, when it is made from a high quality source, contains omega 3 essential fatty acids. These particular fats reduce inflammation in our bodies. This is very important for many aspects of our health, particularly our cardiovascular system.

Other bodily functions that benefit our less arthritis, reduced risk of cancers, and improved hormonal health! These fats are named essential for a reason!

The danger of cholesterol is that when we have high amounts of inflammation in our body coupled with high bad cholesterol, the cholesterol can be deposited into the walls of our arteries. This reduces the diameter of the artery restricting blood flow. It also creates a situation where it is possible for parts of the plaque to break off in our circulation forming clots.

The omega 3 essential fatty acids reduce inflammation in our bodies by inhibiting the inflammatory pathway.

As if this weren't enough, they also reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in our circulation, the kind deposited into the arteries forming plaque.

So with greater understanding of cholesterol, we learn there are different kinds of cholesterol. The good cholesterol is HDL, high density lipoprotein. It is of benefit because it actually takes cholesterol from our bodies to our liver where it is excreted from our bodies. Omega 3 essential fatty acids increase our amounts of HDL cholesterol!

Back in the old days, the joke used to be that snake oil was a way people were conned out of there money for a remedy that had no benefit, well too bad they weren't sold fish oil! Of course, cod liver oil, which my kids and I take daily, has been used by intuitive moms for years!

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