Fish Oil For Weight Loss

Fish Oil For Weight Loss, can eating really help us loose weight?!! Actually, yes! It can! The entire key to maintaining a healthy body fat ratio is to keep our metabolism up. When we starve ourselves, our metabolism is reduced, thus the amount of calories we burn goes way down. It is like a fire in the fireplace. The fire needs wood to burn as fuel and oxygen to keep the fire lit. Our fuel is the food we eat, when we decrease the amount we eat, we reduce the amount of energy our body uses and therefore have more stored as fat.

Another consideration is our nutritional needs. Our bodies require certain nutrients for health. These nutrients are almost exclusively obtained from the foods we eat, or the supplements we take. As a side note, this Website is completely dedicated to bringing you information about supplements made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients. This is critical considering we take supplements to make up for nutritional deficiencies in our foods!

Back to nutritional needs, our modern day diets are deficient in many nutrients. We will crave foods until that nutritional need is satisfied! One of the major categories of nutrients is lipids (fats and oils). The omega 3 essential fatty acids are seriously deficient from our diets and are of critical importance for our health! When we take a pure source of Omega-3's that does not contain heavy metals and does not have lipid peroxidation, we provide our bodies with critical fat that help to satisfy our appetites! I also think a good Whole Food Multi Vitamin is in order.

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