Function Of Digestive Enzymes

The Function Of Digestive Enzymes is to restore the normal digestive process thus reducing the symptoms of indigestion and increasing the absorption of nutrients.

The symptoms of indigestion include regurgation or acid reflux. This occurs because the muscular ring between your stomach and your esophagus is not being triggered by the release of enzymes lowering the pH in your stomach.

When adequate enzymes are secreted with food in the stomach, the lower pH causes muscles to contract and close off the stomach so it can churn the contents, breaking them down for absorption.

Indigestion occurs when we do not secrete adequate digestive enzymes and the pH is not lowered enough to encourage normal function of our digestive organs. In the case of the stomach, the churning causes the food and enzymes that have been secreted to go back up into the esophagus and cause severe burning and damage.

By taking a digestive enzyme you restore the correct amount of digestive enzymes helping to correct this situation.

Additionally, digestive enzymes chemically break down the bonds of our food, reducing it into smaller and smaller molecules. The nutrients in food has to cross through the barrier of our digestive tract. The nutrients must be small enough and altered chemically for this to happen.

When our body does not secrete adequate digestive enzymes, these processes do not function optimally.

Our nutritional intake is paramount when it comes to the health of our tissues, thus our body in general. Most chronic degenerative diseases and immune insufficiencies are a direct result of poor nutrition.

We live in an industrial age where our exposure to toxins is very high and the nutritional content of our food is low. Compounding this situation with insufficient digestive enzyme secretion sets us up for disaster.

We are what we eat, or perhaps more appropriately said, what we absorb and assimilate from the foods we eat. Proper digestion is a direct result of adequate digestive enzymes.

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