Heart Health Natural Vitamins

Considerations for Heart Health Natural Vitamins.

Our heart, which is a muscle, works best when it has all the necessary factors for muscle contraction. Nutritional medicine addresses this concept by providing nutrients specific for the particular function of concern. This is done Most effectively if the nutrients actually come from a food source.

With this in mind, it is absolutely imperative that the supplements you buy and consume are made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients!

Muscle impulses are created by movement of ions, like Calcium, within our tissues. Our cardiovascular tissue is very susceptible to an imbalance of the minerals needed for muscle contraction. Heart palpatations or an irregular beat are examples of this.

Our heart muscle is so susceptible to this delicate balance because it beats so many times a minute. Another factor that makes this muscle's work so important is that we can not survive without it.

There are other factors in how a cell works that influence how effectively it will be able to do that work. In the heart, one of these factors is the availability of Coenzyme Q-10.

Because of these reasons, it is important to support your heart with nutritional supplements made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients that contain ample sources of the factors helpful and necessary for heart conduction.

There are plants that specifically support cardiovascular function because they contain these ingredients inherently. They include Hawthorn Leaf and Berry, Garlic, Dandelion, and Tumeric for example.

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