How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally with 100% Whole Food Supplements. The choices we make concerning the foods we eat and the activities we participate in have a trememdous effect on our health, specifically our cholesterol levels.

Obviously, including activity in your daily regime will benefit your cardiovascular health. Genetics play a role in your risk for heart disease, but life style choices present us a wonderful opportunity to improve our personal risk factors for heart disease.

Cholesterol levels are of concern because of the disease process that occurs when we have too much bad cholesterol, the LDL's and VLDL's. This is the type of cholesterol that is deposited in our arteries in an inflammatory process, and causes the arteries to become more brittle and less flexible. We call this plaque in the arteries.

The disease processes that can be a threat from plaque are either that the artery will tear and we will have bleeding, or that the plaque will reduce the circumference of the artery and blood will not be able to pass through properly.

When we consider how to lower cholesterol naturally , we must consider diet and exercise. In addition, 100% Whole Food Supplements also have the potential to provide us with what Mother Nature intends for us to use to address health.


Garlic has an uncanny ability to lower cholesterol levels safely. Many studies have documented that the active ingredient of garlic, alliin will lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol, in addition lower triglycerides levels.

The improvement in the overall cholesterol levels is quite profound, and no negative side effects. Garlic preparations are available that concentrate and stabilize the alliin and reduce the odor causing effect from garlic.

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