Natural Diabetes Remedies

Natural Diabetes Remedies are the key to regulating your blood sugar! It is possible to completely normalize your blood sugar by changing what you eat. You must remove foods that are high glycemic index, meaning they cause your blood sugar to rise. You replace these foods with good sources of proteins and healthy fats. If you consistently eat in this way, your blood sugar will lower and your good health will return!

These dietary requirements are completely different from the way most people in industrialized countries eat. A majority of the calories in this diet come from animal sources in the form of meat. Vegetables that are low glycemic index are good to eat. These include all the dark green leafy veggies for example.

When reading labels, you should be mindful of the carbohydrates contained in the foods. This category needs to be low!

A good place to start with these dietary changes is packaged foods. They should be avoided. White flour and sugar are definitely out! They should be avoided like they are the plague! Flour in general should be removed along with all grains. Starchy vegetables are not allowed.

One of the hardest to remove is fruits, but they too must go. I know there are a lot of wonderful vitamins and minerals in fruits, however blood sugar regulation is of upmost importance and we can supplement with

100% Whole Food Multi Vitamin to get the nutrients that are missing.

Fats and oils are acceptable. Of course there is a vast range of choices in this category and it is important to select fats that promote health instead of decrease it.

These dietary guidelines often cause a person to go through a temporary detoxification. This can feel like you have the flu. Please don’t despair. This phase will last from a few days to maybe a week and a half. This is actually a very good indication of good health to come! You should rest, sleep as much as needed, drink lots of water, and make sure your bowels are moving on a regular daily basis.

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