Natural Health Supplements

Natural Health Supplements made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients are able to provide our bodies with nutrients vital for our health and we have the confidence of knowing that our body can utilize that nutrient.

Most of the supplements available for purchase over the counter are Not made from 100% Whole Foods. So they may be natural rocks or mineral salts, but our bodies may not be able to actually use that particular form of the nutrient to build healthy cells and tissues.

Our bodies get their nutrients from the foods we eat. Those foods are primarily in the form of plants and animal products. The plants are able to take nutrients from the soil by means of their roots and incorporate those nutrients into the plant. Humans, get the nutrients from the plants when we eat them. The same thing is true for the animal tissue we eat, the animal got it's nutrients from the plants that the particular animal ate.

With all of this being said, the message for you is that we are able to recognize nutrients when they are incorporated in plant tissue or animal products. This is not often true of the nutrients in most supplements available over the counter which use primarly ground rocks and mineral salts, petroleum by-products or synthetically made chemicals in their ingredients.

There is no reason we should even take a chance with such inferior products especially when we have viable alternatives!

The intention of this website is to bring you valuable information about supplements that are of the highest quality containing exclusively 100% Whole Food Ingredients!

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