Natural High Blood Pressure Supplements

Natural High Blood Pressure Supplements made with 100% Whole Food Ingredients will help supply the necessary nutrients for normal cardiovascular function.

Hawthorn is an herb that has an overall positive effect on our cardiovascular system. It lowers blood pressure by dilating coronary vessels. The muscles in the walls of these arteries are relaxed by this wonderful plant.

Hawthorn also inhibits ACE, acts as an inotropic agent, and a mild diuretic.

Dietary and lifestyle factors play a trememdous role on hypertension.

Although coffee is an anti-oxidant, it has a negative effect on blood pressure. Limiting coffee if you have high blood pressure will be helpful in lowering hypertension.

The same is true for alcohol, it should be limited if not completely removed if hypertension is a health issue for you.

Daily exercise of a minimum of twenty minutes will be of benefit for hypertension. More exercise will be of greater benefit and should be the goal.

Stress plays a negative role on our health, specifically our blood pressure. Finding ways to reduce stress will help manage times when it increases blood pressure rates.

Smoking puts us at greater risks for many diseases including hypertension. Finding a way to stop smoking will be of trememdous benefit to your health including your blood pressure.

When considering diet we must look at the following factors:


high amounts of sodium to potassium ratios,

low-fiber and high sugar diets,

high-saturated fat and low-essential fatty acids intake,

along with a diet low in

Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin C.

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