Natural Hormone Supplements

Natural Hormone Supplements made exclusively from 100% Whole Food Ingredients provide our bodies with the needed raw materials to make all of our hormones.

Our bodies typically make 80 hormones everyday! However we do not get the nutrients necessary from our standard diets to produce these hormones in optimal levels, this leaves us with low hormonal levels many times.

In addition, we are exposed to many factors in our diets and lifestyle that have negative hormonal affects in our bodies. These include steroids that have been administered to animals to increase their bulk. Steroids have an estrogenic effect on us when we eat animal meat and dairy from sources where steroids have been used.

When we eat the Standard American Diet that is deficient in the phytosterols our bodies use to make hormones and have high amounts of animal products that are estrogenic, our hormonal balance becomes very unhealthy.

Phytosterols are beneficial components from plants that are used by our bodies to make hormones. We get approximately 5% of the phytosterols needed every day to make those 80 hormones. When we don't have available the raw materials our bodies simply can not produce healthy levels of hormones.

Hormones are chemical messengers that travel from the organ where they were made through our blood stream to the receptor of the cell they will bind. Once they bind to their specific receptor, they cause physiological changes to occur in the cell. This may include building more proteins, causing the cell to take in glucose (bloodsugar), continue the development process of a human egg, or many, many more physiological actions.

Hormones and their related organs are within the catagory of our endocrine system. Our endocrine system is a very important part of our continued health. It is responsible for many responses we have to environmental cues.

Often people with less than desirable health will become aware of a particular hormonal imbalance. Holistic Medicine looks at this situation from the point of view that if we are deficient in one hormone, it is likely that we will be deficient in many if not most all of our hormones.

From this Holistic point of view, it is prudent to provide the needed raw materials used by our bodies to make all of the hormones necessary for health. This is a safe and natural approach to the imbalance that does not put one at risk from introducing substances not naturally found in the body and potentially creating even greater health risks.

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