Natural Nutritional Supplements

Natural Nutritional Supplements help us address nutritional deficiencies and support specific body functions, however they are best when made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients.

We need nutritional supplements to address what is lacking from the foods we eat, so ideally it makes upmost sense to choose a nutritional supplement actually made from food!

Many of the supplements available for purchase are actually made from ingredients other than food. They are often made from either ground rocks or mineral salts, petroleum by-products, or synthetically made in a laboratory.

Our bodies are intended to receive their nutrition fromreal food sources, and thrive when we supply it with just that!

For example, if we are low in iron and take a supplement that is made from a plant that naturally contains high amounts of iron, it will provide us with a readily available and useable source of that nutrient. We we use a supplement made from ground rock or mineral salt, which essentially is dirt, our bodies may not be able to utilize fully the nutrient and it may infact present problems.

This page will bring you information on a 100% Whole Food source for minerals,

Natural Multi-Vitamins, All Natural Vitamin E, Children's Multi-Vitamins, Natural PreNatal Vitamins, Natural Sources of Vitamin D, and information about Vitamin C.

To avoid giving our bodies nutrients that may be foreign and useless, choose nutrients that come from 100% Whole Food Sources. This ensures the nutrients will be absorbed more easily and that our cells will recognize it's form and be able to utilize it.

Absorption is a big factor in nutritional values. When the supplement is made from plants that contain high amounts of that particular nutrient, it is in a form easily absorbed by our digestive system.

Once in our bloodstream, the nutrient will either be recognized by the cells and utilized if necessary, or if unrecognizable to our cells because it's form is unnatural, it has the potential to be a burden to our bodies.

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