Natural Prenatal Vitamins

Natural Prenatal Vitamins made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients are one of the most important things to include for the health of your developing baby.

Babies start as a single fertilized cell that divides many times to eventually become the wonderful being that bless our lives the day they are born. During this time of tremendous cellular division, it is absolutely essential that we have available all the nutrients for healthy growth and development of our babies.

This knowledge is commonly accepted in the medical community and also in mainstream America. The discrepancy is that the prenatal vitamins that are often encouraged and even prescribed by most of the physicians caring for the expectant mother are often made from ingredients that are not from plants. They are concocted in laboratories made from synthetic ingredients, ground dirt or mineral salts, or even petroluem by-products.

Companies realize that the astute parent is looking for a vitamin to replace what is missing from the foods she eats. With this in mind, the company may add a tiny bit of a real plant and say on the label that their vitamin is made from plant sources, but buyer beware! If it is not made entirely from 100% Whole Food ingredients from plants, then it most likely has a majority of it's ingredients from the rocks and mineral salts, pertroluem by-products, and synthetics mentioned before.

It is just so important during this time of critical development in life that we rely on the natural forms of nourishment provided by the plants that grow in the earth and contain what our bodies need. Natural Prenatal Vitamins made from 100% Whole Food ingredients from plants contain just that.

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