Natural Supplements For Testosterone Replacement

Natural Supplements For Testosterone Replacement made exclusively from 100% Whole Foods is the safe way to restore balance and function to our endocrine system.

Our endocrine system is responsible for all of the hormones we produce in our bodies. Testosterone is mainly associated with male fertility and vitality, however many other hormones are important to consider for optimal health.

Our bodies make approximately 80 hormones everyday from nutrients we eat. On average, we typically get only 5% of the nutrients we need to make all of these hormones. This leaves us with a tremendous shortage of necessary hormones, thus negatively affecting our health.

We can support our endocrine systems, specifically our testosterone levels by increasing the necessary nutrients for hormonal production by eating plants that have specific phytosterols for hormonal support!

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A second nutrient that is necessary for hormonal production is the essential fatty acids, specifically the omega-3's.

We do not get an adequate supply of omega 3 essential fatty acids from our typical American diets and greatly benefit from supplementation.

One needs to be aware that many of the omega 3 supplements available contain toxic heavy metals and the delicate fats have perioxidized (turned rancid, ie that fishy taste and smell).

Our body uses these fats to make hormones and when we have sufficient amounts in our diet, our hormonal balance is greatly improved.

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