Natural Thyroid Supplements

Natural Thyroid Supplements made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients support both our thyroid's nutritional needs and strengthen our thyroid's ability to work effectively.

This is done by providing the essential nutrients for the thyroid to function. Iodine is an element that is used by our body to make thyroid hormones. When we are deficient in Iodine, our thyroid gland is not able to make sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones for normal gland function.

The result of insufficient thyroid hormones being made by our bodies is hypothyroidism.

Many different symptoms are correlated with hypothyroidism. Sluggish or slow metabolisms are often the first indicator. Lack of energy for no other reason is definitely a red flag.

Another symptom is sluggish bowel movements. People who are hypothyroid often suffer with constipation.

Hairloss will often be noticed along with dry skin.

The sluggish metabolism translates into weight gain for too many people.

Thyroid function is directly related to the availability of necessary nutrients for the gland to make the related hormones. When we specifically support our nutritional needs with 100% Whole Food Supplements made exclusively from Plants, we are able to provide those critical nutrients and our thyroid hormone numbers increase.

Innate Response makes a 100% Whole Food Supplement to support healthy thryoid function. To read more about this supplement, please click the following link. Natural Thyroid Supplements by Innate Response

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