Natural Vitamin Supplements

Feeding our bodies natural vitamin supplements is really the only thing that makes sense when we consider vitamins.

Most of the vitamins that are available for us to purchase are made from ground rocks and mineral salts, use synthetic products that are made in a laboratory, or made from petroleum by-products.

The reason the American Medical Association recommends that all adults take a multi-vitamin is because we don't get the required vitamins and minerals necessary for our health from our diets.

Ideally, we want to make up for what we lack from the foods we eat with a multi-vitamin that is made from 100% whole food sources.

Vitamins that are 100% whole food are available!!! They just aren't very common at all. They are much more expensive to create, so companies aren't as likely to invest the money for this dramatic increase in quality.

This website is available to help educate you to increase your understanding as to what is available with natural vitamin supplements and why it makes such a tremendous difference in your health results.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Kimberly Wiseman. I'm a board certified naturopathic physician. I have worked with many people helping them address nutritional needs, maintaining their good health, or addressing a health issues.

I was not aware initially that there are a few select companies that offer a supplement line made exclusively from 100% whole food sources. Before that, I would recommend that my patients use high quality vitamins which were made from ingredients other than whole foods. There was inprovement in their health, but it was limited.

We would use different formulations that were actually made from plants sources and we would see much greater improvements. When I first started recommending that folks use natural vitamin supplements made only from 100% whole food sources, the improvements we saw just from using this intervention were really amazing!

Also, it makes complete sense! We take a multi-vitamin to address our nutritional deficiencies, which we know to be of concern for almost all of us because of our Standard American diet.

Our bodies know how to digest food. Our bodies are able to absorb nutrients that result from the digestion of our food. Our cells and tissues thrive when we give them the nutrients they require for optimal function. When we take a multi-vitamin that is made from ground rocks or mineral salts, petroleum by-products, or completely man-made in a laboratory, our bodies are not able to use those chemicals like we do actual food. Not only this, but anything that we eat, our body must process and if it is not a 100% whole food nutrient it has the potential of actually being a toxin which we have to eliminate or store in our tissues.

It is simply in your best interest concerning your good health that you take a natural vitamin supplement actually made only from 100% whole food sources.

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If you would like more information about what is actually available, visit our YND Innate Response Product page.

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