Natural Vitamins For Breasts Health

Natural Vitamins For Breasts Health ideally should be made exclusively from 100% Whole Food Ingredients. This is essential because we take supplements to make up for what we are not able to get from the foods we eat. Naturally, supplements should be made from foods, otherwise our bodies may not even know what to do with the synthetic chemicals. This is especially important when considering breast health because we don't want to add additional burden to our liver by increasing what it has to detoxify.

Considering breast health, it is very important to reduce our overall exposure to estrogens. Our diets play a large part in our estrogen exposure. It is best to avoid animal products that have been given antibiotics or steroids because they have an estrogenic effect in our bodies.

It is also very important to avoid any prescriptions that increase your estrogen levels, this includes the birth control pill and synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Our livers detoxify the estrogens in our bodies then it secretes these estrogens into our bowels to be eliminated. If we are not having a minimum of a daily bowel movement, then we are at risk of re-absorbing the estrogens our liver worked so hard to eliminate.

The higher the amount of estrogens in our circulation, the greater risk we have for unhealthy breast tissue.

Considering these factors, it is wise to take a multi-factorial approach including a probiotic to aid in elimination and Indole-3-Carbinol to support estrogen metabolism.

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