Natural Vitamins Without Fillers

Natural Vitamins Without Fillers made with 100% Whole Food Ingredients make up the theme of this website!

My name is Dr. Kimberly Wiseman. I'm a board certified naturopathic physician and a passionate believer that the only vitamins we should be taking should not contain any fillers and should be made exclusively from Whole Food Ingredients!

We do need to take a vitamin on a daily basis to make up for deficiencies in our diets, however, it makes absolute sense that our supplements/vitamins should be made only from 100% Whole Foods!

When we take a supplement of lesser quality, we have the increased risk of the ingredients being unrecognizable by our bodies. We most likely will have a difficult time absorbing the synthetic nutrients and in addition, our body will most likely not be able to actually utilize the nutrient if we are able to actually get it into our bloodstream. When this happens, that nutrients becomes a burden to our systems because we have to eliminate it.

We can rest assured when we eat a supplement made exclusively from 100% Whole Food Ingredients that our bodies will in fact be able to recognize, absorb, and utilize the nutrient because it comes from a plant!

Most of the vitamins available are made synthetically from substances created in a laboratory, from ground rocks and mineral salts, or from petroluem by-products. They also use fillers made from ingredients that do not promote health. My website focuses exclusively on 100% Whole Food Supplements that contain ingredients without fillers.

This page will link you to my homepage or to go to another page focusing on different natural vitamins without fillers made from 100% whole food ingredients.

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