Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA

Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA provides a safe form of the essential fatty acids that will help your children thrive!

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are critical for every cell in our body to function optimally, however almost every single one of us eating the Standard American Diet does not get adequate amounts of these critical fats.

This is in large part due to the fact that most of the food we eat was raised on the feed that the ranchers fed the animals and the natural omega-3 are not part of their diet. Therefore, the meats we consume don't contain high amounts of the essential fats and our health suffers.

The omega-3 essential fatty acids are critical for neurological development, simply put, brain development. A large proportion of our brain is lipids which are fats. Good fats are absolutely needed for proper brain development.

Our cell membranes are composed of 98% lipids (fats) and when we do not have available healthy fats for the membranes, the membrane function is greatly restricted.

In our neurological development, this has significant negative effects! Consider the developing brain of children and how much benefit it is when their diet provides the nutrients, specifically the essential fatty acids for growth.

Other critical areas of development that rely on sufficient amounts of omega-3 essential fatty acids include eye development, the nervous system, immune health, and inflammation response.

Many of the fish oils that are sold are not tested for heavy metal containimation. The heavy metals settle to the ocean floors. The animals living on the ocean floors are often the food source for the fish we use to obtain the omega-3 essential fatty acids.

These heavy meatal are incredibly toxic to our bodies, especially the growing bodies of our children. Because of this, it is absolutely essential to only consume a fatty acid supplement that has been tested by rigorous standards for heavy metals. Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA meets these standards.

Another factor that effects fish oil quality is lipid perixodation. The delicate fats of these oils turn rancid very easily, resulting in that unpleasant fishy taste. Unfortunately this also means that there benefit is greatly reduced. A fish oil of the highest standards will not have that fishy aftertaste and has been tested for lipid perixodation.

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