Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic Supplements provide us with good bacteria which are crucial for our health.

We have as many organisms living in our gastrointestinal (GI) tract as we do cells in our bodies! Yet, because of the processing of our foods and the excessive exposure we have to antibiotics, the number of good bacteria among these organisms in our GI is drastically low.

Since our food source is, for the most part, the grocery stores or restaurants, our food is incredibly clean. It has been pasteurized to prevent the growth of microorganisms. These microorganisms though often provide us with good bacteria. Good bacteria is essential for our health.

In addition, we are often prescribed antibiotics for any little thing. This overuse has the detrimental effect of further reducing the numbers of good bacteria that inhabit our GI tracts.

If you happen to be an astute individual that does not rely on antibiotics for your continued health, however you eat meat or dairy from animals that have been administered antibiotics, unfortunately you will also have exposure to those antibiotics from your food.

The end result is that our health suffers because we lack proper amounts of good bacteria in our GI tract.

Health issues include constipation, insufficient nutrient absorption, and dysbiosis. (leaky gut syndrome)

The good bacteria help compete for space with the other not so beneficial organisms. They keep the numbers of bad bacteria and yeast or candida down.

Insufficient good bacteria can result in increased inflammation which predisposes us to leaky gut syndrome.

It reduces the nutrients that are absorbed into our blood stream. This is why your doctor will tell you to use another form of birth control if you take the birth control pill when you also take antibiotics. The bacteria in your GI help with nutrient absorption, including the estrogens in the pill, and the antibiotics interfere with the numbers of bacteria resulting in lower absorption of nutrients and estrogens!

Good bacteria competes with yeast, also known as candida, for space in your GI tract. This explains why we often get a yeast infection when we take antibiotics. You see, the antibiotics kill bacteria, both good and bad bacteria, which competes with the yeast for space. When the competing bacteria is reduced in numbers, the yeast flourishes!

So, what to do to address these issues? Consider taking high quality probiotic supplements. If the quality is uncertain of the probiotic you are considering, the strains of bacteria in the probiotic may actually have a negative effect in our body.

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