Probiotics And Constipation

Probiotics and Constipation. Our gastrointestinal tract has as many organisms living in it as we do cells in our entire body! This is somewhat alarming, however many of these organisms are beneficial.

The benefit we gain from many of the organisms in our GI tract is help in maintaining an ideal environment for absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste.

When the balance of the organisms is off, meaning we have too many harmful bacteria verses helpful bacteria, we can suffer with digestive issues, including constipation.

Ideally, we would get beneficial bacteria from our foods, however with our highly controlled and processed foods, much of the beneficial bacteria is destroyed.

Additionally, any antibiotic exposure will reduce bacteria, both good and bad, in your GI tract. Click here for more information about probiotics and constipation related to bacteria and antibiotics.

The beneficial bacteria in our GI helps with regulating the pH, absorption of nutrients, and competing for space and thus reducing the numbers of the harmful bacteria.

All of this is necessary for proper movement of the food we eat through our GI tract. When dysbiosis occurs, which is when we have unhealthy amounts of harmful bacteria, the delicate balance is destroyed. Our body lets us know things are astray with the symptoms we have, symptoms like constipation.

Taking a high quality probiotic on an empty stomach everyday can help to regulate our digestive tracts. To learn more about an excellent probiotic,

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