Probiotics Side Effects

Probiotics Side Effects can be harmful is the supplement quality is not assured. My name is Dr. Kimberly Wiseman. I am a board certified naturopathic physician. Nutritional medicine specializing in 100% Whole Food Supplementation is my area of expertise.

Taking a probiotic is absolutely essential if you consume a modern day diet from food bought in the grocery stores or made in typical restaurants.

We need good bacteria to aid in digestion, normalize the pH of our digestive tract, compete for space with pathogenic bacteria and other pathogens living in our GI tracts, and to help our immune function.

Our food which is available, if from modern day sources, is relatively sterile. This is so we can prevent infection. However, our food sources should provide us with beneficial bacteria. When we pasteurize food and radiate it, we destroy the bacteria, both good and bad.

Additionally, much of our food is from animals that have been administered antibiotics. When we consume those animal foods, we get a percentage of the effects of the antibiotics in our own bodies, which rids both good and harmful bacteria. Not to mention if we take antibiotics as medicine, we most definitely reduce the overall good bacteria living in our GI tracts.

The side effects of probiotics become an issue if we take a probiotic supplement that is not high quality, gauranteeing only to contain beneficial bacteria. If the supplement contains living bacteria the is harmful, they will colonize in our GI tracts and have negative side effects.

When discussing with my patients which supplements they want to absolutely have on a daily basis, I always recommend a Whole Food Multi-Vitamin, a high quality Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid guaranteed not to contain heavy metals or have lipid perioxidation, and third a quality source of

Probiotic which only contains effective, beneficial good bacteria.

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