Taking Calcium Supplements

Taking Calcium Supplements that are made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients Guarantee your body will be able to assimilate and utilize the mineral, by Dr. Kimberly Wiseman, board certified naturopath.

Most of the calcium supplements on the market are made from ground rock or mineral salts. Our bodies recognize and are able to absorb calcium that is contained in plants to a much greater extent than calcium coming from dirt in a supplement.

So when we consider how calcium can help our bones maintain their strength, we should consider how much calcium is being absorbed into our blood stream. Calcium from plants is more highly absorbable from our GI tracts into our bloodstream. Because of this, lower amounts of calcium made from plants is necessary to get the same amount into our circulation.

Once the calcium is in our circulation, it is available for use in our cells. We absolutely know that if the calcium was derived from a plant, our bodies' cells will recognize and utilize the mineral. This confidence is not certain with calcium from sources other than foods, like minerals salts and ground rock (dirt).

Another consideration in your body's ability to absorb calcium has to do with mineral chelation. For a mineral like calcium to be absorbable, our digestive enzymes secreted by our stomachs, chemically alter the form of the mineral so it is possible for us to absorb it. Many folks have issues with digestion resulting in the use of acid blockers or reducers, like Tums or Prilosec. These interventions interfere with the chemical process necessary for absorption of nutrients including calcium! Instead of using these interventions, we should restore the normal digestive process, as nature intended. Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, bitter herbs, and digestive enzymes all support normal digestion! I definitely recommend considering this for improved health.

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