Thyroid Supplements

Thyroid Supplements made from 100% Whole Food Ingredients provide our body with the necessary nutrients for our thyroid gland to make the thyroid hormones that impact our metabolism.

If we are missing the raw materials necessary to make thyroid hormones, it is obvious that we will not be able to make sufficient thyroid hormones. Our body uses iodine and tyrosine to make thyroid hormones. We are often deficient in these nutrients and struggle with thyroid health.

Many plants in nature have these nutrients inheriently in their sturcture. When we are able to utilize these plants to support our thyroid gland function, we have the potential to restore balance.

By design, humans being are not meant to rely on a prescription drug to maintain health. Unfortunately, that is what gets so many of us by, thinking we must take a Rx to address nutritional deficiences. This website is not at all indicating that you do not need your Rx, however to support the nutritional needs of the specific organ system that has issues will most likely increase the ability of that organ to function.

Indicators that you may benefit from thyroid support include being cold natured, having a tendency toward constipation, feeling sluggish, gaining weight, dry skin, thinning hair, and basically less than desirable health in general.

Basal body temperature can also indicate less than ideal thyroid function. The instructions to take your basal body temperature are as follows:

1. Shake a mercury therometer down to 96.0 degrees. Place it beside your bed.

2. Take your underarm temperature first thing when you wake up in the morning, before moving at all. Take your temperature for ten minutes.

3. Take your temperature on at least three different mornings.

Results: if your temperature is less than 97.4 degrees any time you recorded it, you would most likely benefit from thyroid support with a supplement that contains 100% Whole Food Ingredients to support Thyroid Function.

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