Truly Natural Vitamin C

Truly Natural Vitamin C is one of the most wonderful things that you can do to support your body's immune system and your connective tissue. Unfortunately, most of what people use is not an effective form of vitamin C.

Most of the vitamin C bottles we take is a synthetic form that was manufactured in a vat in a laboratory. It is relatively uneffective when it comes to supporting our immune system to fight colds and infections and it does not help the integrity of our connective tissue.

The vitamin C that won the Nobel prize for Dr. Linus Pauling was Truly Natural Vitamin C from a Plant!

Synthetic vitamin C, know as ascorbic acid, is considered identical in chemical structure to the vitamin C isolated from plants. However, it is basically useless when it comes to improving our health.

Let's use an example for comparison, when we think about our diets and considering what we can eat to increase our nutrition, would you pick something that grew in a local garden, smelled wonderful and aromatic, and had bright, vivid colors or some chemically similar food that was made in a laboratory and never grew anywhere.

It is obvious that the food source that actually grew in the earth will support our living body's nutrition needs to a much greater extent than some chemical made in a laboratory.

In addition, there are many co-factors that exist in the plant that are included with vitamin C that are necessary for the full effectiveness of the vitamin. These co-factors are included in Whole Food sources of vitamin C made from plants.

With all of that being said, it is in your best interest to take Truly Natural Vitamin C. Read the label of your supplement bottles to see if it identifies a plant name in the ingredients or ascorbic acid. I know which one I refer to my patients and family.

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