Vitamin C Supplements

Most Vitamin C Supplements come from ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a synthetic nutrient that is manmade in a laboratory.

Linus Pauling won the Nobel Prize for remarkable work on Vitamin C. The difference in the Vitamin C that is commonly available in the marketplace and the effective Vitamin C has to do with the source from which the nutrient is derived.

Vitamin C Supplements made from plants containing high amounts of Vitamin C provide us with a natural form of the vitamin which our body intuitively knows how to utilize.

Additionally, if the supplement contains the co-factors from the plant the benefits increase even more!

This is why ascorbic acid has such marginal health benefits, it is not in the natural form and it is missing all the beneficial co-factors.

Vitamin C supports our immune systems to help prevent infections and reduce the severity of infections.

Vitamin C also is important for our connective tissue. Tissue holds many other tissues in place. It helps maintain the health and youthfullness of our skin.

Vitamin C is a wonderful anti-oxidant. It reduces the damage done by free radicals, thus helping to reduce the cause for many diseases and the aging process.

Vitamin C naturally chelates out toxic heavy metals from our systems. It plays important role is our adrenal function, cardiovascular disease, acne, migraines, cataracs, rosacea,

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