When To Take Probiotics

When Probiotics Are Absolutely Essential

When To Take Probiotics. It is of upmost importance that you consider taking a probiotic if you are taking or recently took an antibiotic.

Antibiotics are pharmacueticals that intentionally kill bacteria in our bodies. This can be very beneficial if you have a bacterial infection that your immune system is not capable of overcoming.

However, there are side effects to any pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics.

In our gastrointestinal tract there are many conditions that allow for proper absorption of nutrients, influence of the pH, and regulation of the growth of the organisms that live there. We actually have more living organisms in our GI tract than we do cells in our entire body. This is a normal situation and one that actually helps us in many ways.

Unfortunately, the organisms in our GI tract often get out of balance in regard to the number of beneficial verses detrimental colonies.

When we take an antibiotic it kills many of the beneficial organisms that we need to thrive, that help us maintain ideal health. This is one of the reasons we often have changes in our bowel function when taking an antibiotic.

A high quality probiotic provides us with viable good bacteria to re-populate what was lost by using the antibiotic.

Why You Need A Probiotic

We need a probiotic because most of us eat food from animals that have been administered antibiotics. We actually get second hand effects from those antibiotics. Our beneficial bacteria in our GI tracts is reduced in number from this exposure, leaving us in a situation where we need to be asking "when to take probiotics".

Additionally, we seldom eat foods with significant amounts of good bacteria. In most of the food we eat the number of live bacteria is greatly reduced for safety reasons, thus reducing our exposure to bacteria, both good and bad.

How To Choose The Best Probiotic That Will Cause No Harm

Regulation on supplements is less than ideal. This website brings you information about 100% Whole Food Supplements. When considering a probiotic, it is especially important to select one that contains bacteria that will actually be beneficial to your system.

A probiotic is living bacteria. We need this for health, however we do not need to introduce harmful bacteria which are potentially problematic.

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